Barneveld School District

304 South Jones Street

P.O. Box 98

Barneveld WI 53507

Phone (608) 924-4711   Fax (608) 924-1646

School Parking for Students & Staff, Bus Drop-Off/Pick-Up


Parking for Students/Staff:  Parking stalls are painted on the parking lot near the original main parking area. People will need to walk towards the west of the parking lot to join up with a small paved walkway that will lead to the elementary playground area.  From there students/adults can enter the building though the "public entrance" or the MS/HS Doors in the alley (see map).  Elementary students will enter through the Elementary doors near the Playground (see map)


Bus Drop-Off and Pickup: 

 In the morning: Busses will be driving down Kenzie and making a left-hand turn onto Douglas St.  They will be dropping off Elementary students at the corner of the playground and will make a second stop by the ally to drop off MS/HS students.  Parking in front of the school on Douglas St. will be reserved for bus traffic.  Once all busses have dropped off students parents will be allowed to pull-up in front of school and drop off their children.

At the end of the day:   All four of the school busses will be parked in front of the school on Douglas St.  Once the busses pull away from school, approximately 3:20 PM, parents may pull up in front of school and wait for their child.  We will have a crossing guard to safely cross students from the playground area to Kenzie St. Parents may park on Kenzie or near the Library and wait for their child to walk to their car.


Kenzie St.  and Douglas St. will become One-Way streets (towards Jones St.) during drop-off and pick up.  Please do not enter Douglas St from the Jones St. side.