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Welcome to The Barneveld Shopper, and thank you for reading! The Barneveld Shopper has always been looked at as an outlet for editorials, events and for the local  businesses in and around Barneveld, WI. Our main reason for writing, and the ongoing theme you’ll hopefully see, is to lift up the best of what’s happening here in Barneveld and the surrounding area, which is more than many people might think. We are a small town, but we have a LOT to offer!


The Barneveld Shopper was started in 1950 by the Barneveld Advancement Association to promote Barneveld by highlighting the businesses, Churches, school and the activities and happenings going on in and around Barneveld. The paper was to keep Barneveld residents up to date and aware of the ongoing‘s and news of the Barneveld community.

The paper has evolved through the years with the different print/production processes as technology advanced. In July 2018, with the popular use of computers, smart phones and tablets to stay "in touch" with what's going on in the world, the Barneveld Shopper moved to a online only medium to be more accessable to more readers. After 68 years of being a hard copy print paper, the transition seemed to be the next step to continue to provide Barneveld and the surrounding area and the world of what Barneveld has to offer with the current events, happenings and the area businesses.

New posts on The Barneveld Shopper will be updated once or twice a week. New posts provide a lineup of events that are going on around town or the area. This information comes from what people submit to us at, as well as what we see and hear on Facebook, business and organization websites, posters, and more. If you have an event you would like to invite people to attend, please feel free to contact us. The Barneveld Shopper will be the “one stop shop” to get all the local happening, events, etc., instead of surfing different webpages to find out what’s going on.


Most events are included at no charge. Other stories are editorial in nature and sometimes feature local news items, businesses, organizations, or events. These stories are included at our discretion, but we are happy to take suggestions!

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